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What To Expect

Graphic/Web Design
Motion Graphics
3D Design/Animation
  • Designs that sells your product

    You have established your name, now you have to get your information to your client. There are endless creative methods of getting out that information. Our team will listen to your needs and help create exactly what you can imagine we can design. We can provide graphic design but not limited to Identity, Brochures, Flyers, Illustration, Business Cards, Catalogs, Posters, DVD/CD Package, Illustration. Effective marketing collateral requires attractive graphic designs that are targeted to your campaign demographics and corporate identity. Mente Graphics professional graphic design services include brochures, flyers, catalogs, business cards, outdoor signage, digital signage and more.

    Showcase your product online

    Web sites have become a very impotant tool when it comes to selling, showcasing and even offering your services. The internet has evolved into a source for providing quick and easy access to your business. A great web site is your great sales person. Providing a user friendly interface is very essential in maintaining the interest of your client. MG offers not only exceptional service, but innovative custom web design. Content and branding are everything when it comes to a sucessful web design. It is extremely important to have a powerful web presence that symbolizes your company ethic and attitude, and equally as important to have search engine driven content (SEO) so you rank high and show up on the first page of the top search engines (such as Google and Bing). Our web design solutions ensure visitors can reach your pages, see your message clearly and convert a suspect to a prospect and a prospect to a lead.

  • Your Image Matters

    First impressions are lasting impressions and it's extremely important to ensure a compelling visual brand presence at the very first glance. Communicated mainly through logos, designs, collateral and other visual materials, corporate indentity plays a huge role in a company's success. A company logo is an extremely influential marketing tool and your company's vision is an integral part of the logo design. Introducing your business identity in the shape of a word, mark or icon should be simple and informative at the same time. Having an attractive professional logo design builds credibility and ensures a lasting impression with your new, and existing, customers. A logo can be more important than your company name – it can set the tone for how people perceive your business.

    At Mente Graphics, we not only design great websites but can help you with a brand new logo and overall business identity. Our logo process works similar to our web design process. We do an in depth design consult to learn about your business and your design style preferences. From there we create several logo comps for you to review and then fine tune it into a finished piece. Once the logo is done, we can help with any physical branding pieces you need including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures and more.

    Naming a business or service can be a task in itself. Coming up with the right logo/identity can be even more challenging. This is what will identity your business or service to others. Mente Graphics takes the challenging part of your hands to providing you with the right logo. We understand that this will be your image for your business and we ensure quality where your customers can identity you with your unique logo. Our staff if well equipped with the knowledge of creating various styles of logos from urban to corporate designs. Let Mente Graphics create your long lasting image.

    View our logo design portfolio.

  • Motion Speaks for Itself

    Moving images are a very powerful tool that moves people like nothing else. A website, sales presentation or trade show presentation that's got motion graphics, animation and video becomes a talking point amongst its visitors and audience. With memorable content, you can increase the message's impact and capture attention.

    Powerful moving images are very much like TV ads. They make such a positive impact on your memory even long after your presentation or your visitors have left the websites. However, their advantage is that they are far more cost-effective to produce and serve a lot longer than TV ads.

    We partner with you to develop motion graphics for your next important meeting, trade show event or website or any other marketing needs. With our ability to give you a quick turn-around, you will have a highly engaging animation, video or presentation for your upcoming event or for your new website in no time. If you have to train your staff; introduce a procedure, service or product; educate or inform the general public; motivate a team or explain complex concepts to a diverse audience or just show off your achievements, we can produce compelling motion graphics, animation and video that will far exceed your expectations.

    View our Motion Graphics Portfolio

  • 3D Design/Rendering

    Modeling in 3D gives a complete different perspective and look to your design when combined with printing, graphic and web design. When dealing with 2 dimensional designs, your view is not at times clear. With the help of 3 dimensional renderings, not only do you get 360 degree view but every detail is viewable up and close. These still 3d renderings are adaptable to any scenario such as presentations, branding, advertisements just to name a few. Mente Graphics helps you illustrate design concepts and bring projects to life. Whether it’s a 3D architectural rendering, 3D interior design, or any other type of 3D rendering, with Mente Graphics there are virtually no limits to turning your ideas into reality. Our 3D renderings are tailored to fit all your visualization and marketing needs for small and large print, web publishing, and group presentations. Our 3d rendering projects provide you with photo-realism when designing in vray. Visualiation is one of the most powerful tools for communicating design.

    View our 3D Rendering Portfolio

    3D Animation

    3D animation that brings your project to life Your 3D animation is a way of exploring and realizing a creative idea into a visual and immersive experience. The ability to generate emotions and a sense of discovery, your moving picture enables the rendering to express itselve in ways that an image alone cannot do. Encompassing the viewer in a specific space, environment, or location, the 3d animation can move the viewer where needed in order to convey the right message. Our unique 3D animation is what truly sets Mente Graphics apart from the competition. The projects created by Mente Graphics design team incorporate stunning movement, sound and visuals that bring your 3d rendering projects to life. Our designs break free from the sterile 3D animations that are typically seen. Specializing in a range of styles, Mente Graphics is able to adapt and properly create any style of film that best fits the project and the desires of the client.

    View our 3D Animation Portfolio

  • Marketing Tools

    Printing is another method of promoting one's business and offering sales. It's a great way to get the information out to your clients. Our capabilities are endless as we can print from business cards to eye catching large scale banners. Mente Graphics offers printing at prices that fit your budget. Our pre-press ensures that every design is well prepared for production. We offer quotes at no obligation. Let us help you stand out from your competitors. Your quote is just a phone call away.

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